We welcome the opportunity to provide a quote for our services at Wedgewood Stone Tree.  We offer various types of lighting, decor and patio heaters. We can hang string lighting in a variety of configurations in the room, with or without paper lanterns attached.  See listing of other offerings. For more information and to discuss a specific scenario, email Rodney Davis, Service Manager for Marin Event Lighting, or call him at 415.283.8874. SEE US AT WEDGEWOOD'S WEDDING FAIR MARCH 13. We will be installing LIGHTING SCENARIO #1 for your consideration.
Wedgewood Stone Tree Lighting Scenario #1
String lighting, paper lanterns, up lights, patio heaters at Wedgewood Stone Tree
Wedgewood Stone Tree Lighting Scenario #2
Bistro lihgts hung from rafters the length of the room, accompanied by up lights and light curtain behind head table. Add varying size paper lanterns to light strands in your choice of color
Light curtain with sheer overlay
Back drop your head table with a light 'curtain' overlaid with sheer material. Approximately $150
Patio Heaters by ceremony site
Patio heaters surrounding ceremony site, then moved to ballroom balcony for remainder of event. Torch pyramid patio heaters with mushroom cap $95 ea
Heaters on the balcony at Wedgewood
Patio heaters on the balcony at Wedgewood Stone Tree
GOBO lighting example
Projected light pattern or monogram can create an immersive environment. Direct onto walls, dance floor or ceiling. First projector with stock image $150, second projector with stock image $125. Custom monogram or pattern $100 each.
Another example of GOBO lighting
Ex of projected light on dance floor
with or without gobo image
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Up Lighting, String Market Lights, Paper Lanterns, Luminaries, GOBOs, Patio Heaters and Rentals.

All are available from Marin Event Lighting. Email us for more information.